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Banking Mobile app

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web application for paying bills 

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Product Design

The essence of Product Design is creating products that improve your users’ quality of life. That is particularly true when introducing digital.

UX/UI Consulting

UX Consulting helps companies improve their product’s overall usability and optimize expenses by implementing the right UX processes, methods, and tools.

UX Training

One of the most significant challenges in the Business Industry are company employees. People do not like to change and are often resistant to it.


"I worked with the Yellow Stickers team on an application project and It was a very intense and enriching experience for me and the members of our team. They take our perspective of graphic design to a whole new level, the UX design process took a few weeks to take shape but the result was amazing and satisfying to the whole team"
Saïd Allibou
Chargé de Mission, Culture, Médiathèque et Communication chez Institut français du Maroc

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